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Yalesville Little League


It’s more than just a game…

For decades, Yalesville Little League has given kids experiences they remember for the rest of their lives. 

Families spend time together.  Neighbors socialize.  Communities unite.  Yalesville Little League is truly a family destination.

Most importantly, Yalesville Little League has helped children develop lifelong habits for success such as Discipline, Diligence, Respect, Friendship, Teamwork, & Personal Responsibility.

Over the decades, thousands of children have enjoyed the positive experience of Yalesville LL baseball.  Many have remained or come back to the west side of Wallingford to watch their kids – and sometimes even their grandkids – enjoy the very same experience.

While the facility has served the program well, updates are needed and with that comes an opportunity.  The diamonds at Yalesville Little League are truly jewels that have united our community every Spring, Summer and Fall.  With a little polish they will shine for years to come.

For most kids, Little League is the highest level of baseball they will ever play.  With your help, these upgrades will provide them with an experience as close to the “Big Leagues” as possible; and it will keep them coming back, year after year, generation after generation.

Keeping kids involved and communities engaged benefits everyone – something not to miss out on.

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The Project

The Field of Dreams project contains facility improvements that address the most pressing issues at the Yalesville Little League complex. The enhancements will create a safer, more accessible, and enjoyable setting to bring families together.  With your help we will:

·         Replace and upgrade scoreboards on Fields #1 and #2

·         Replace existing sound system to one that can be heard throughout the complex

·         Repair and upgrade existing batting cages

·         Perform upgrades to all five fields at the Parker Farms complex

Through your generous donations and the efforts of our all-volunteer staff, the YLL Field of Dreams will become a reality for the children of Wallingford.  Yalesville Little League appreciates your continued support and encourages you to become a part of the ongoing legacy of YLL.

Please click on the link below to be re-directed to our giving page.